Kindle Games For A Fit Mind

The Kindle is of course all about reading, and that is something pretty darned good for the old gray matter.

But, when ten minutes of something distracting are what is required, did you know that you can buy Kindle Games to keep your brain fit, for a bit too?

games for kindle

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The range of games is growing daily it seems.  Many are available free of charge, whilst others do have a (small) price-tag associated with them.

For some games you will need to switch the wi-fi on and use the Kindle’s experimental web-browser, which though fun, will of course run down the battery life a lot faster than when it is switched off, so is something to consider before buying.  This is particularly important if you do not have continual wi-fi or 3G access at home.

Keeping our brains active with games such as solitaire, scrabble and sudoko is worth-while.  A fit and active mind will keep on going strong for a lot longer than one left with little to do.  So indulge yourself, and stimulate your brain cells with a little fun on your favorite ebook reader!


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Codewords Kindle Games

kindle codeword gameCodewords and cryptograms will certainly get you thinking.  Love them or hate them, they really do give your brain a good work-out.

The Codewords game for Kindle is a treat for those that like these word puzzles.   With 50 Codeword puzzles and 50 cryptograms this set should keep you going for a while.  We just hope the makers release more volumes so we have another edition to buy once all these are complete.

Completing Codeword puzzles on a Kindle is far easier (unless of course you are more brilliant than I) than using pen and paper.  You know once you realise one mistake has been made the paper can quickly become over-run with crossings out making it terribly confusing to continue.  The Kindle is the perfect venue for a mind game such as this.  Your mistakes are easily removed, and the display keeps everything easy to see and work from so you never have to scrap a puzzle, but can simply start from a few steps back.

All in all this is a terrific way to while away some time and get your brain in gear, if you are a fan of this sort of word-game.  At the moment, this has to be one of our favorite Kindle games available.



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Backgammon Game for Kindle

backgammon kindle gameA game that is around 5000 years old Backgammon is an intriguing game of strategy, yet simple to learn and teach others.

When stuck for a partner to compete against why not try your hand at the Backgammon Kindle game?  There are three levels to choose from in this game of strategy and random good fortune, so even beginners are well catered for.

You are likely to get good pretty quickly as this is such a simple game to learn, and when you do, you might find it relatively easy to beat the AI, but hopefully you will still have lots of fun killing ten minutes from time to time.

Nothing beats playing this particular board game with a knowledgeable opponent however.  Doubling and the gammon really need a real person, and a real board to work out well, but nevertheless for a few bucks anyone who enjoys the game, and their Kindle is likely to get a lot of enjoyment from this particular Kindle board game.



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Triple Town Game For Kindle

triple town for kindleFor puzzle lovers, try the Triple Town game for the Kindle.  At first glance it looks pretty darned silly.  But start playing at a great puzzle emerges.

Build up your city by combining items.  Collect three flowers into one space on the grid and they will turn into a more valuable bush for example.

triple town for kindleThere is a degree of strategy involved as you don’t want to fill the grid with unfinished buildings and so forth.  But annoying barbarians and wizards will block your moves as they appear to take up space on the grid too, getting in  your way.  The occasional bomb will help remove unwanted items, and the odd magic crystal will allow you to mix up items to create something beautiful.  Bejewelled for the Kindle was one reviewers opinion and we can see why.

No, its not pretty, but frankly not much is other than the written word when it comes to an ebook reader screen.  But it is easy to pick up, and more thought provoking than you would imagine, once you start strategizing.  And, crucially there is no timer so you can put this down and pick up where you left off next time around.

Of course, at its most basic level this is a “match 3 items” game.  But it does have enough variation and planning to become far more involved and addictive than many such run of the mill games.  The Triple Town Kindle Game is currently on the best seller list at Amazon’s Kindle Games list and we can see why.

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Maze A Thon Kindle Game

kindle maze gameFor a completely different type of Kindle game, check out Maze A Thon.  No words or numbers here.  Instead you get something that at first site looks too simple to be all that interesting.

However, turn the hardness scale up a notch, switch off your bread-crumbs and enter the three dimensional cube maze, and you will be busy for a long while.

mazathon for kindleThis is the perfect family game.  Set it a little easier at the start and keep the kids entertained at the airport.  Then when they’re asleep and you are travelling let the time fly by as you unscramble the cubist maze.

Simple, and very effective, the games simple graphics and paperlike back-ground work perfectly on the Kindle ebook reader.

Sometimes it is nice to lose yourself in something simple.  It will get your hand-eye co-ordination going and probably frustrate you on the harder levels, but it will definitely be a useful way to while away a few minutes, or keep the kids entertained on your Kindle!


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Solitaire Kindle Games

solitaire kindle gamesOf course there have to be solitiare games of the Kindle reader.  After all this distracting one person game has been keeping us entertained on office computers for years.  Of course you could carry some cards around with you, but what if you don’t have a flat surface to play on?  Time for a Kindle app instead.

You don’t just get the Klondike Solitaire we are all used to either.  The EA Kindle edition gives you twelve versions of the popular card game (with Pyramid, Yukon, Golf, Freecell, Wasp, Peaks, Canfield, Spiderette, Eliminator, Easthaven, and Baker’s Dozen).  And, don’t worry if you don’t know how to play these variations as instructions, hints and tips are all included.

If you want to get really serious, there is even a Vegas mode where you can keep tracking of your “winnings” in virtual dollars.  Now I have to say, I have to avoid Solitaire at all costs since I find it far too addictive, and can easily lose hours contemplating the cards.  But for those with more will power, and a desire to keep the brain cells active this is a great Kindle game option.  As with all games for the Kindle you do have to consider the size of the display, and its monochrome look.  We found the solitaire cards easy to view and manoever but I know some customers find it all a little too small and fiddly playing such games on a small screen ebook reader.  For those more

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Every Word Free Kindle Game

every word game for kindleThe Kindle Every Word Game has been keeping people entertained since August 2010 and it looks set to continue for a good while yet.

This isn’t one of the most popular games for the Kindle, just because its free!  Oh no, this is one addictive game.  Great to pick up and put down whenever your brain needs some simple, easy and fun exercise, Every word is a word scramble game.

free kindle gamesFind as many words from the scrambled letters (including one with the most letters) and you will move up through the levels and increase your score.

If you can’t find the longest word you forfeit the game and go right back to level 1.  Frustrating, but more incentive to get the brain-cells working quickly to find all the words in the conundrum!  And, since level 1 will feature new puzzle words this never gets boring (so long as you like word puzzles of course), since you have new challenges every time you have to start over.

Simplicity itself, and great Kindle friendly graphics make this a must have Kindle app for anyone who enjoys word games to while away a little time before starting a new book.  Be warned though this is one difficult game to put down!  In our opinion this is one of the best Kindle games available, and its free.  The only shame is that it won’t work on the first generation reader, so they will need to upgrade if they want to get in on the fun!  If you want something that is somewhat more of a challenge you might like the Codewords Kindle game too.



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Scrabble Games for Kindle

kindle scrabble gameScrabble is perhaps the most obvious game to put into a reading device!

The only problem, is that Scrabble seems to cause just as many arguments with the Kindle reader, as it does with real human opponents.

Reading the customer reviews of this particular Kindle word game, you can see that:

  • a) it is a fantastic time killer
  • b) it is frustrating if you don’t believe the dictionary it is using!

scrabble for kindleIt looks like the makers have taken this off the Kindle store for the time being, and hopefully they will be rejigging the program a little.  But frankly, that suspicion that the opponent is cheating is part and parcel of any good family game of Scrabble, and is one of the reasons this particular Kindle game is so popular I imagine!

The flexibility of being able to play a quick game, or a long version as well as choosing to practice against yourself, play against the infuriating AI, or up to 3 friends all make this a must have Kindle app to take on vacation.  You might not all be talking by the time the plane arrives, but at least you will not have been bored!

It’s a lot more sociable, entertaining and fun than something like Kindle Chess for example, but will probably keep your attention longer than a simple game of Sudoku, since you can play with friends too.

A few buyers have commented that this is not the prettiest game for the ebook reader, but it does entertain, and frankly it is a word game that doesn’t need to look beautiful as far as I can tell.  This will keep your brain fit, and you crying out for the latest edition of the Oxford American dictionary to double check the AI’s cheating ways!  Importantly this is totally addictive, and you can beat it!  But if you want a Kindle word game that is a little more straightforward (and equally addictive) check out the free Every word game too.

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Chess Kindle Games

chess kindle gamesOne of the most obvious games to create for the Kindle has to be Chess.  In fact it was one of the first Kindle games created.  As with many Chess programs they can have quirks.  But on the whole, if you enjoy the concentration that Chess requires, you will probably like being able to carry around a board on your portable ebook reader.

The Chess for Kindle game we looked at is by Oak Systems Leisure Software.  It has 10 levels and the option to play against the program or a friend.  It is not as complex, or as accurate rules wise as some other more expensive Chess programs you might use on a PC, but for a small program it does pretty well.

A few rule oddities such as not giving you the option to swap a pawn for anything other than a queen when reaching the opposite side of the board, and not offering a draw when a win becomes impossible for both sides can be a little frustrating, but probably only if you are very serious about chess.

Looking at customer reviews it seems that former championship players can find these issues a little off-putting, but for us mere mortals who see Chess as a good way to keep our brains active, and our minds stimulated it is unlikely to be of concern.  After all just getting up to level 5 is a challenge indeed!

Play often enough and you might find yourself an analytical player and future chess master.  Or, like me, you might just like putting your “thinking cap” on for a while on the commute to work.  One day I will beat that level 5 chess game too!


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Sudoku Kindle Games

sudoku kindle gamesThere are a whole host of Sudoku Kindle games now available.  By far the best is the Ultimate Edition from Robert Edison.  The reason we prefer this above others, is that it offers unlimited games to play.  The drawback (there is always one), is that you will have to be connected via wi-fi or 3G to the internet in order to play.

There are non-internet based versions available, which make far more sense for those wishing to activate their brain cells without turning the wireless on.  The reasons for going down this route are twofold.  Perhaps of primary importance is that you will enjoy a longer time between charging the Kindle reader (since switching the wireless on drains the battery far quicker) if you play a Sudoku game that has downloaded in its entirety to the device.  Secondly (and particularly important to owners of the wi-fi only device) you can still enjoy a quick game of Sudoku wherever you are, including when out of range of a wireless hot-spot or 3G signal.

Of course Sudoku really is a mind fit game.  From the very simple, to the extraordinarily difficult the simple numbers game grows with the player to keep on stimulating, and infuriating!

You can find out more about the history of Sudoku, from Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician who devised ‘Latin Squares’, to its more familiar incarnation created by Japanese Publisher Nikoli, and the newly named Sudoku puzzle here.

And, of course if you have an internet connection you can enjoy billions of free Sudoku games online anyway, so perhaps an online Kindle Sudoku game is a little superfluous to requirements.

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